Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grasp Some Candies from Google Adsense

My 4th cheque will soon be arrived in April. Yeah!

If you've got a great interest on blogging, why don't you turn it into a small money making business.

Based on the content of the website, the geographical location of the viewers, and the other factors, advertisers are making use of Google's technology (Adsense) to serve advertising at your website.

Adsense by Google allows bloggers and web masters to feed in its advertisers' messages (i.e. text links, images, and videos) into your blog.

What all you need to do is to create an adsense account and embed the Adsense source codes into your blog.

Of course, your earning is solely depended on your blog traffic, and the click thru rate of the ads appeared.

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