Saturday, December 26, 2009

Losing You (2006)

Kira & The Kindred Spirits - Losing You

Tonight I'll go to bed
My world is caving in
And I've got no place
Left to hide

And I wont let you down
But I've got scares
in my mind
Your life is in my hands
I cant pretend that
things are fine

Have you ever waited
too long
when you knew your life
had gone wrong

Although I am scared
to sing you this song
I'm scared the words I say
will cast in stone the
damage done

And all that we have tried
And all that we did wrong
And who will hold the blame
And who will fight
Till love moves on

Yes I'm..
I'm losing yes I'm
losing you again
And I'm loosing you again..

You've got your pain
To tend to
A day to put an end to
A womb to climb
Back in to
And a love that never
Bends you

And all it seems
I'm left with is some
Clarity to lend you
All it seems im left with
Is some truth to offend you

And I'm ..I'm..
I'm losing yes I'm
losing you again
And I'm losing you again..

And it makes me wanna
Moan with you children
Makes me wanna moan
With you children

Kira : vocals/acc.guit
Rune Kjeldsen : el guit/hammond
Johan Lei Gellett : drums
Kre Joensen : bass
Jesper Nordenstrm : hammond/el-harp

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