Sunday, February 21, 2010

Split Me In Two

Matthew McPeck - Split Me In Two (2009)

SPLIT ME IN TWO written and performed by Matthew McPeck
produced by Dan Marfisi

Split me in two
One half for him, one half for you
I've been alone,
But never like this, so hollowed and cold
Solved with a knife
The blood's on my hands,
Youve met my demands
But just for a flash
A smile of relief from a burned photograph

But I would have no heart
If I wasn't sorry that you're gone

Split me in two
One half for him, one half for you
I've been so tired of carrying around this weight on my heart
Remember you were more of an open book to close
Than a crisp clear page waiting for words
Am I dragged to hell or am I led by hand?

I hoped you wouldn't notice things have changed
Like a phantom limb, you'll still feel it
Relax son, no this won't hurt a bit

Split me in two (x3)

Free from the infant hold tugging my soul
But I miss your handprint on my heart
I want the surface roads you take me on
But I miss the sirens chasing us
I want the story you say is incomplete
oh I swear I'm telling you everything!
everything! everything!

Split me in two - one half for him, one half for you - Split me in two (repeat)

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